Vancouver Fish & Chips

Vancouver Fish & Chips

Best fish and chip in the Lower Mainland Vancouver.
This food truck does the best fresh cut fries and fish and chips. Our fries are fresh cut and triple cooked for the ultimate crunch with a mash potato inside. Perfect for a corporate catering or film set. Can’t beat a good old British Style Flaky fish and chips.

We also have the best Chicken tenders around Period. We take a chicken tenderloin with a perfect breaded coating and cook it to perfection so it is crunchy on the outside but still very juicy on the inside. This trailer is set up nicely to please any any crowd, big or small older or kids, just a perfect match for all.


Fish and Chips is my favorite and for sure this food truck is on the top of my list.
I am not sure how it is done but the fish comes out nice and thick and flaky, moist and juicy, but still
has a nice crispy crunch to the outside.
The fries that comes with it is also out of this world good.
The perfect Fish and Chips period…

Juicy Tenders is what I call them as they are great.
My kids love this food truck and so do I.
Kids are so picky when you are out eating and this is my fail safe option for them as they love the Chicken tenders from this
food truck. If I am lucky an there is some left over from my kids, I really enjoy them as well, but usually the kids manage to
finish it most of the time. Goes to show how good the quality of chicken it is.
Cant say enough good things about this food truck.
Just Awesome.