Tin Lizzy Poutine

Tin Lizzy Poutine -Check this creation out. Classic Authentic Poutine is a Canadian favorite dish comprised of Fresh Cut Fries, Squeezy Cheese Curds and Gravy.

Our Fries is made with Local Delta Grown Kennebec Potatoes which is low in sugar and high in starch to give it a nice browning and crispy skin. We use a triple cooking process to ensure that every fry is perfectly crispy on the outside and soft mash potato on the inside. This process will ensure that the gravy an essential part of the Poutine does not make the fries wilt and soften right on contact of the piping hot gravy. Even though we offer like 10 different kinds of Poutine; Our most popular is the slow roasted and cooked Pulled Pork Poutine.

The perfectly paired, little smoke flavor bbq sauce is perfect paired with a fall off the bone tender pork to create the perfect pulled pork. This dish is totally to hold your diet for and the in house vegetarian gravy makes it a perfect meal at any festival, movie set, wedding or corporate catering.


So As I consider myself as a Poutine connoisseur, and seeing this food truck with awards for there Poutine and Best Poutine in the City, needless to say I got to try.

Well as the most popular, Pulled Pork Poutine, that is what I tried and WOW. You can tell right away that they know there fries. What ever they do to it, it is perfect; crunch outside and moist on the inside. The Cheese curds you can tell is a high end grade of curds as it produces this mile high stringy and stretchy goodness. I was not sure if the gravy being vegetarian and not beef, if it would pack the same flavor, BUT wow, clearly blew my mind. As for the toppings, I am sure any of the poutiones that they offer will be fantastic when you have such a good base poutine to put it on so needless to say, the Pulled Pork was a great accent and additional protein to such a perfect Poutine.

This food truck was perfect for our Midnight snack catering for our Wedding. Everyone LOVED the food truck and the Poutines served was out of this world. I am so glad we picked Tin lizzy Food Truck (Poutine Food Truck) to cater our wedding. The staff were friendly, and customer service orientated.  The Poutines as they claim is correct;  “voted best Poutine in the city”
For sure we will hire them again for any other functions we have.