Tin Lizzy Food Truck - MeltTownGrilledCheese

Tin Lizzy Food Truck – MeltTownGrilledCheese

High End Comfort food with a twist. – Grilled Cheese has been a North American stable comfort food since everyone was a kid,
and how can you go wrong with a good old fashioned grilled cheese.

To take this comfort stable food and make it wow, we have fresh baked 3/4 inch Texas style toast made fresh daily. Our signature 4 cheese blend is custom mixed to provide the best flavor profile while producing the stringy and gooey texture that everyone craves in a Grilled Cheese. The sandwich is a perfect mix of flavored butter, grilled to perfection to create that crunch of a sandwich and stringy melt of the fatty cheese that leaves the taste buds in your mouth craving more.

MeltTownGrilledCheese Food truck also pairs some interesting combinations of product to also kick up your classic grilled cheese a notch. We have done things like Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Taco Beef Grilled Cheese Philly Cheese Steak Grilled Cheese Sweet Chilli and Chicken grilled Cheese Mexican Grilled Cheese

Even done some crazier items like:
Cricket Grilled Cheese
Rainbow grilled Cheese
Glazed donut pulled pork grilled Cheese
Deep Fried Grilled Cheese
Mozza Stick grilled Cheese
to name a few.

This food truck also does Poutine as well and is a perfect match for any grilled cheese. Book this truck now for all your copereate, film set, wedding and festival needs.


Best grilled cheese ever is right i am pregnant with twins and have never been so delighted especially since I’ve been having troubles finding things we all like.

Love this it’s even better than mine and I like to think my grilled cheese sandwiches are pretty terrific already, but I’m always game to kick things up a notch. BTW, I often make our grilled cheese with slices of whole onion and a few hot banana peppers in them. Definitely yum!