Phat Dawgs – Hot Dogs – Specialty Hot Dogs

How can you go wrong with a good old fashioned Hot Dogs.

Tin Lizzy Food Trucks only use the best quality 100% Angus beef hot dogs to make the best simple hot dog, or for our more adventurous our specialty topped Hot Dogs.

It all starts with our fresh baked bun and highest quality beef hot dogs you can find. The hot dogs are 100% Angus beef third of a pound juicy and plump beef franks. Our specialty hot dogs include different styles of hot dogs

The Mexican which is topped with a perfectly sauteed onions, garden green tomatoes, a house made Jalapeno and mayo sauce.

The Japanese which has the perfectly sauteed onions, teriyaki sauce and topped with Kewpie Mayo (Japanese Mayo)a and Nori (Japanese Seaweed)

Chicago which also uses our sauteed onions, tomato, pickles, a neon green relish, topped with a sport pepper, mustard and a dash of celery salt.

The American which is your classic onions with Chilli and Cheese.

Our Specialty hot dogs has been so popular that we have even been featured on Carnival eats and was the spotlight of the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver.


So we hired Tin Lizzy Food trucks to come out and do a movie set for the crew as a treat for a great season and what a treat it was. We thought Hot dogs as a nice grab and go treat would be good but we were all blown away. The regular plain hot dogs just simple was tasty and satisfying in inself, BUT the specialty hot dogs were AMAZING. Who would’ve thought a hot dog could taste so good. It was the fact that everything was topped, paired and matched to bring all your taste buds singing in your mouth. The director who treated all of us even sent me out to the food truck to get one of each style so he could try and determine which one was his favorite, and at the end the same conclusion as I had, they were all his favorite.

For sure Top dog or any top dog. Job well done guys, we love you on our set and forsure we will be getting you to come back.

As a city co-ordinator for special events department, Tin Lizzy food truck had the perfect option as a one stop shop and able to do any food type and food menu that we would be interested in. We decided to go with the hot dogs and crazy hot dog toppings and yes this was the right choice. The Volunteer staff, security and police department love every bite of it. We had all the selections we needed, the service was great, the food was top notch and the food turn around was quick considering we had so many people to feed. I cant say enough good things in dealing with Tin Lizzy as a company, their product and professionalism. It is great knowing that I can make that one call, have someone understand exactly what I am looking for
and execute without any worry about anything. Professional Professional.