Asian BBQ

Tin Lizzy Food Truck Asian BBQ is actually a very unique set up, it is actually a shipping container converted into a BBQ stand. This stand is very effective and creative with a full size walk in fridge and a fold down patio front where the bbqs sit front and center to show case all the smoke and gilling action of this stand. People can see and smell and hear with their own nose and eyes, the asian flare of the BBQ. The stand specializes in asian flavor bbq skewers (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Chicken Hearts) and BBQ lemon grass chicken leg. We also do a very good Asian Char Siu asian rib that is packed with a full flavor that gets you coming back for more and more.

We also offer an asian coleslaw with a chinese steam bun as a combo. The meats are fresh skewered at the stand and BBQ in front of your eyes with our home made Chinese sauces to complement each meat selection. This stand is very unique and a great selection and show for any event.



From a distance we can see the smoke and smell some sweet char happening but did not know what it was till ya got to the stand. In front of you as an open kitchen concept with nothing to hide, you see an awesome set up bbq stand. The fire and charcoal burning, the smoke building and the smell of asian irresistible bbq. The food was as good as the show and Asian bbq char siu ribs were like the barbecue pork you find at a Chinese butcher place, but on a st louis style ribs. Talk about finger licking good. Tin Lizzy Food Trucks are always the best. Never let down on quality, service or show.

Everyone loves BBQ, but kick it up a notch to an asian style BBQ, now that is what I am talking about. Fresh lemon grass Chicken thighs is to die for, but the best thing going at this stand was by far the Chicken hearts. Ya Chicken hearts, bbq with the sauce was like heaven. Everything from the bbq was good including the Asian coleslaw and steam boa was a real treat.