Food Trailers

Tin Lizzy in there fleet has a variety of food trailers offering a vast selection of gourmet food offerings.

The Mini Donuts trailer
The Mini Donut trailer is a state of the art, ecstatically eye pleasing and mouth watering unit that will pump out all the fresh made mini donuts to please any size of crowd. With our specialty formulated batter mixed right on site to ensure the perfect flooring time giving it the most airy and fluffy mini donuts that you have ever eaten. Best described as Melts in your mouth.

Fish and Chicks and Tornado Potato Trailer
West coast fresh cod that is flash frozen and processed right on the Vessel ship to ensure the best and freshest lightly battered moist cod Fish and Chips that you will ever have. The Signature fries are from locally grown Delta salt water potato farms perfect for frying. The proprietary 3 stage cooking process of our fries gives it the ultimate crispy outside texture with a mash potato filling inside. Coined as the perfect fries.

The Signature Tornado potato is always a crowd pleaser and unique way to indulge in a staple ingredient that we have all grown up with and love; the Potato. Cut and fried in a curly spiral fan shaped elongated string of starchy goodness and seasoned with a flavor topping of your choice, just a must have and eat at any outing, event or gathering.

Wok This Way Trailer
Home style, award winning asian chef cooked Chinese favorites. This trailer makes use of the freshest local ingredients combined with the generations of family receipt for sauces and flavorings to serve up the best, healthy and flavorful dishes at any function.

Gourmet Burgers and Hand stuffed Burgers Trailer
Freshest quality ground beef, daily baked fresh brioche bun, handmade and stuffed with various intriguing but flavorful stuffing like:
Classic Mac and cheese, Smoked Meat, Cord On Bleu (Smoked ham and Swiss), Kangaroo, poutine or even Crab. Ya that is right we can stuff your burger with Kangaroo or crab. All comes with the freshest vegetables (Lettuce, Tomato and Onions) and one of our chef made signature burger or spicy jalapeño sauces.

Fhat Dawgs Trailer
Kicked up a notch quality paired flavor burst combinations on a Hot Dog.
International themed Hot Dogs from Japanese with a fried egg to a Mexican with a home made jalapeño sauce. It is not just your average dog.

Wiggle Chips Trailer
Our very own Trademark Name – Wiggle Chips is a staple at fairs and festivals all over the place. This fun and crunchy crowd favorite seasoned and topped with all your gourmet fixings is a must have.

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