Food Event Organizing

With so many years and friends in the Food Concession and catering business, we have definitely have seen it all, why not leave the unknown to someone involved in the business so you can concentrate on perfectly executing the rest of the event without worrying about the food concessions.

  • Don’t know who to call
  • How many vendors to bring in
  • What to charge the vendors and how to keeping an honest and fair system
  • who is booked where, who will actually show up and service your clientele in a speedy yet with quality food.
  • What size and set infrastructure each vendor needs
  • What is the best layout to maximize the square footage, visual appearance, traffic flow and mix of food vendors and the type of food they sell.
  • How to utilize the media, your vendors contacts and their social media to take your event to the next level.

Contact us today and we gladly go over options on how we can offer our services for FREE to get the best concessionaires, mix of product, and media to maximize your revenue, increase the length of time your customers stay at your event, and greatly enhance the overall customer satisfaction so they come back year after year.

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