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Mini Donuts – Mini Donuts have been a staple at all fairs and festivals for over 50 years. This truly fluffy dessert is a fresh made melt in your mouth treat for all ages. More Mini Donuts

Corn Dog – Corn Dog Description: A corn dog is a sausage on a stick that has been coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter and deep fried. It originated in the United States and is commonly found in American cuisine. More Corn Dogs

Fhat DawgsYour Classic Hot Dogs made with the highest quality of Angus beef and topped with your favorite toppings. International themed and chef inspired flavors and toppings.
Fhat Dawgs

Hot Dog Cart Your Classic Tin Lizzy Cart, the transformed Model “T” BBq Hot Dog Cart. Very cute, functional and always a hit. Who does not love Hot Dogs.

Wiggle Chips Fan favorite, fair staple. Sometimes called Saratoga chips; is a Stringy and fun way to eat your favorite potato chip. Trademarked and branded – Wiggle Chips.
Wiggle Chips

Wok This Way – Asian Inspired, fresh authentic good old fashioned Chinese Wok Style cuisine.
Wok This Way

Poutine Food Truck – Classic canadian dish, the poutine Fresh cut French fries, topped with meaty cheese curds and hot hot gravy.

Fish and Chips – The best English dish out there. Fish and chips.
Fish and chips has a long history from the English to now fully recognized and served around the world. It is a piece of Fish lightly battered and deep fried to create a crunch Outer shell, enclosing a moist piece of fish to die for.
Fish and Chips

Grilled Cheese – The holy grail of comfort food. Everyone loves a good Grilled cheese. Don’t forget to try our Grilled cheese, made With a fresh baked Texas style bread and covered with our Signature 4 cheese beans to make the best stringiest Grilled cheese possible.

Gourmet Handmade Stuffed Burgers – The hamburger is a legend when it comes to Food. It is a classic staple in all families and generations. An all beef patty of meat sandwiched between a bun. Our burgers are top quality choice beef made with the daily Fresh brioche bun. Our signature handmade stuffed Burgers are tasty, creative and fun and stuffed with a wide Variety of goodness from Mac and cheese to crab to Smoked meat and even kangaroo. Totally a must try and have.

Brand Activation & Marketing Truck – Just Imagine the possibilities with a 4 sides 52 linear feet of state Of the art branding mobile platform. With over 500,000 LEDS to Broadcast text, pictures, videos and anything digital on the street or at an event catching millions of eyes. Possibilities are endless. New Product launches New Product Give aways free food for sign ups free swag for sign ups branded corporate functions branded corporate sponsorships movie set rentals for themed truck information booth and event schedule across the LED screen Download and app sign ups Or just advertise your brand. brandactivations.co

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