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Tin Lizzy Concessions is a fun, unique and delicious way to enhance your special event, meeting, party or promotion. Our food trucks started out in Vancouver and are now all over Canada. Hosts can choose from a variety of options and if we don’t offer it, please ask and perhaps we can customize the menu with your ideas.

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About Us

Tin Lizzy incorporated in 1995, is one of Canada’s Largest special events concession companies. In our fleet of food trailers/trucks we have 10 different professionally built units to provide the best selection of quality and quick food. Tin Lizzy has been featured on various TV Shows, radio stations and newspapers, and are always brainstorming to come up with the next big chef inspired food item. Such inspired creations include a Red Velvet Mini Donuts with Cream Cheese Glazing, A french fries coated corn dog (porcupine corn dog) and our homemade flavoured ketchups.

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